Meet the Team

Francisca Moliere

Co-Founder & Event Marketer

Francisca Moliere is a Haitian American Boston native. She studied Marketing and Math at Bridgewater State University. She’s an Entrepreneur and Digital Strategist, CEO of JustForYou Event Marketing and Co founder of se•ren•i•ty Urban Retreat. Her passion is to help social impact companies strategize concrete marketing plans by showing them how to tell their business’ story through digital marketing. Francisca describes herself as forthright, energetic, and an adventurer. She’s constantly creating opportunities for herself and her community. A quote she carries with her and applies to every situation – “Things you want to do you make time for it. Things you don’t want to do you make excuses for it.” -Mr. Goode (AP Govt & Pol) This has kept her pushing. She sees in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling her forward, into tomorrow.



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Deidre Ann Fuller

Co-Founder & Event Planner

A native of Jamaica, by way of New York and Florida, Deidre-Ann currently resides in Boston, MA. She studied Biology and English at Bridgewater State University and went on to study PC Hardware and Network Technology and Administration at Bunker Hill Community College. Ultimately, she plans to finesse her way into being paid to travel and eat for a living.

Often, people of color in and around the Boston area don’t feel supported, represented, or properly compensated and as a result, feel the need to leave Boston. Recently, there has been a welcome air of change, grassroots operations popping up all over the city, carving out an ever-growing niche for Boston’s future black middle class. Deidre-Ann believes that everyone should be held accountable for implementing the changes that they want to see.


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Stephanie Catule

Sponsorship Lead

Stephanie is Haitian American native of Boston. She graduated with a dual degree in international business and finance from Suffolk University. Currently, she works at a wealth management company as an internal auditor. Having attended two of the past Serenity Urban Retreats Steph decided that she truly wanted to be part of the coordination process of connecting young professional people of color in a beautiful environment.



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Iris Lapaix

Social Strategist

Iris Lapaix is a Dominican American Latina native to Boston, MA. She infuses various art forms– such as but not limited to poetry, music, and cooking–in her rotation of pleasures.

Graduated from Bridgewater State University with a BA in History and a concentration in Latino America y el Caribe. Currently, she is igniting art and design in neighborhoods such as Grove Hall and Roxbury with MassArt’s Center for Art and Community Partnerships (CACP) as an assistant Community Coordinator. Off-hours she continues to learn of our ancestral past while strengthen her empathy and active listening skills to become a radical healer through the arts and conversation for Black and Brown folks.

Having been a participant for the last two Serenity Urban Retreats, Iris enjoyed the way the team curated a visually satisfying outdoor space from the location to the dinner table decor. With great admiration of her fellow serenity board members, this year she is excited to be able to help create a similar ambiance that kept her looking forward to the next serenity summer gathering.  



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